Student Learning Goals

All students majoring in Religious Studies shall achieve competence in the following domains
of skill and knowledge:


Learning Goal 1: Students possess the ability to perform research and interpret materials
related to the study of religion.

Outcome 1: Students can analyze written materials related to the study of religion.
Outcome 2: Students have acquired information literacy in the study of religion.

Learning Goal 2: Students can effectively communicate in written and spoken mediums.

Outcome 3: Students are able to write well-organized critical and analytical research papers related to the study of  religion.
Outcome 4: Students are able to speak clearly and effectively using relevant and adequate supporting evidence.


Learning Goal 3: Students can demonstrate an understanding of the beliefs, rituals, texts, and
figures related to a variety of religious traditions.

Outcome 5: Students can describe the basic teachings and practices of major religious traditions and can compare and contrast the principal similarities and differences between them.
Outcome 6: Students are able to identify the history and development of specific religions and their contemporary relevance.
Outcome 7: Students can compare key theories and theorists in the study of religion.
Outcome 8: Students can interpret key thinkers and figures within religious traditions.