M. Zakyi Ibrahim, Ph.D
M. Zakyi Ibrahim, Ph.D. Opens in new window
Professor & Department Chair

Specializations: Islam; Qur'an and its Exegesis; History of Islamic Thought; Women in Islam; Religions in Africa
Office: UH-309               Phone: 657-278-8241
Email: zibrahim@fullerton.edu


Paul J. Levesque, Ph.D.
Paul J. Levesque, Ph.D.Opens in new window
Professor & Associate Dean

Specializations: Christianity, Religion & Politics
Office: H-211H               Phone: 657-278-5902
Email: plevesque@fullerton.edu


James A. Santucci, Ph.D
James A. Santucci, Ph.DOpens in new window .
Professor Emeritus

Specializations: Theosophy, Vedic literature, Theravada Buddhism, and Samkhya
Office: UH-312               Phone: 657-278-3727
Email: jsantucci@fullerton.edu


Jeanette Reedy Solano, Ph.D
Jeanette Reedy Solano, Ph.DOpens in new window .
Associate Professor

Specializations: Religion & Film/Pop Culture; Latin America & Religion
Office: UH-311               Phone: 657-278-7554
Email: jsolano@fullerton.edu


Bradley E. Starr, Ph.D
Bradley E. Starr, Ph.DOpens in new window .
Professor Emeritus

Specializations: Religion & Violence, Christianity, Religion & Sociological Analysis
Office: UH-310               Phone: 657-278-3917
Email: bstarr@fullerton.edu

Mugdha Yeolekar, Ph.D.
Mugdha Yeolekar, Ph.D. Opens in new window
Assistant Professor

Specializations: Hindu traditions; living religions of India; women and religion; religious reading
Office: UH-315                Phone: 657-278-4419
Email: myeolekar@fullerton.edu

Emeriti Faculty

Benjamin J. Hubbard, Ph.D.
Benjamin J. Hubbard, Ph.D.Opens in new window
Professor Emeritus

Specializations: Judaism, Religion & Media
Office: UH-308               Phone: 657-278-3452
Email: bhubbard@fullerton.edu     

Part-Time Faculty

Mark Bilby
Mark G. Bilby, Ph.D., MSLISOpens in new window
Senior Assistant Librarian, Scholarly Communications, Lecturer

Specializations: New Testament, Gospel of Luke, Judaism and Christianity in Antiquity, Christian Apocrypha, Saint Dismas, Jewish-Christian-Muslim Dialogue, Digital Humanities
Office: PLS-365A    Phone: 657-278-4600
Email: mbilby@fullerton.edu    ORCID: 0000-0003-0100-6634Opens in new window

Janet Bregar
Janet Bregar, Ph.D.

Specializations: History of Religions, the study of Comparative Religions and Christian Studies
Office: UH-315      
Email: jbregar@fullerton.edu


Andrew Bridges
Andrew Bridges, Ph.D.

Specializations: Jain Studies, Utopian Studies
Office: GH 130     
Email: abridges@fullerton.edu



Matthew Pitts
Matthew Pitts, M.A., JD

Specializations:  Judaism, American Religion, Mormonism and the  intersection of law and religion

  Email: mpitts@Exchange.FULLERTON.EDU


James Rietvel, Ph.D

James Rietveld, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor

Specializations: History of Christianity in the Early, Medieval, and Byzantine periods, New Testament Studies, and Greco-Roman religions
Office: H735L                Phone: 657-278-8730
Email: jrietveld@Exchange.FULLERTON.EDU


Karen Scialabba
Karen F. Scialabba, Ph.D. 

Specializations:  Intersection of Religion, Media, & Culture; Interfaith Relations; Perspectives of Marriage & Family in Religion, Religious Education
Office:  UH 315         
Email: kscialabba@Exchange.FULLERTON.EDU

Sana Tayyen

Sana Tayyen, Ph.D.


Specializations: Contemporary Islam, Women in Islam, Comparative Theology: Ghazali and Aquinas, Islam in America
Email: stayyen@Exchange.FULLERTON.EDU