Job Opportunities

Department of Comparative Religion

Instructional Student Assistant—Job code 1150 (unit 11)

General Description of Duties: Under supervision, Instructional Student Assistants perform grading or tutoring duties for the majority of work hours in a given appointment in the Comparative Religion Department over the course of an academic term. This may include the grading of T/F, multiple choice, and short answer (a word to a few sentences), and/or short essay answers.

Required: Applicants must be registered at CSUF and remain academically eligible during their employment.

Preferred Qualifications: (1) registration and current enrollment in the BA program in Comparative Religion, or in an MA program in the College of HSS at CSUF; (2) satisfactory progress toward the degree, including attainment of Junior standing or higher; and (3) CSUF GPA of 3.3 or higher.

Hiring Criteria: The successful candidate should have the preferred qualifications, or closely related qualifications. Candidates will be ranked according to: (1) Knowledge and Abilities: knowledge of and experience in grading and/or tutoring; ability to relate well to others within the academic environment; ability to work with faculty, staff, and students; ability to work independently and with others in a collaborative workplace. (2) Education: number of completed CPRL courses and level of success. (3)  Availability: to
be arranged.

Hours of Appointment: This is a part-time position during academic periods. Typically, assistants work for approximately 2-4 hours per week during the semester, with more hours possible, depending on possible tasks and funding.

Application Procedures: There is no application form. Candidates should send a letter of interest to Dr. Brad Starr, Acting Chair, Department of Comparative Religion (

Deadline of Applications: Instructional Student Assistants are usually selected at the end of the semester and hired at the beginning of the next semester on a rolling basis. There is no deadline for receipt of letters
of interest.

Cal State Fullerton is an Equal Opportunity/
Title IX/503/504/VEVRA/ADA Employer