Southwest Asia and North Africa (SWANA) Minor

(15 units)

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SWANA (Southwest Asia and North Africa) is a geographical term that distinguishes the region often referred to, from a Western lens, as the Middle East. While the boundaries of the region remain unfixed, it is commonly understood as the area stretching from Morocco in the west to Afghanistan in the east and from Turkey in the north to Yemen in the south. The Southwest Asia and North Africa (SWANA) Minor allows students to learn about the religions, histories, cultures and languages of the SWANA region.

All coursework may not be completed in a single department. 

Some courses have prerequisites; check the course descriptions for more information.

The SWANA minor requires 15 units, distributed as follows:


Introduction to Southwest Asia and North Africa (SWANA) (3-6 units)

ARAB 101 - Fundamental Arabic-A 

ARAB 102 - Fundamental Arabic-B 

ARAB 203 - Intermediate Arabic-A 

PERS 101 - Fundamental Persian-A 

PERS 102 - Fundamental Persian-B 

RLST 200 - Introduction to Christianity 

RLST 210 - Introduction to Judaism 

RLST 250 - Introduction to Islam 


Explorations in Southwest Asia and North Africa (SWANA) (6-9 units) 

ECON 336 - Economies of the Middle East

HIST 412A - History of the Christian Church to the Reformation (1517) 

HIST 414A - The Ancient Near East

HIST 420 - The Byzantine Empire

HIST 466A - Islamic Civilization: Arab Era

HIST 466B - Islamic Civilization: Imperial Age

HIST 467A - The Middle East in the 19th Cent

HIST 467B - Contemporary Middle East Hist

HIST 468A – Women & Gender in Middle East Hist

HIST 468B - Making the Medieval Middle East

POSC 325 - Politics of Arab-Israeli Conflict

RLST 306 - Contemporary Practices of the World’s Religions

RLST 351 – History & Development of Early Christian Thought

RLST 361 - History and Development of Jewish Thought: Biblical and Rabbinical Eras

RLST 371 - History and Development of Islamic Thought: The Beginning to 1258

RLST 372 - History and Development of Islamic Thought: 1259 to Modern Times

RLST 373 - Women in Islam

RLST 374 - Issues in Contemporary Islam


Context and Comparisons (3 units)   

AMST 324 - American Immigrant Cultures

AMST 418 - Food and American Culture

GEOG 359 - World Cities

HIST 110A - World Civilizations to 16th Cent

RLST 110 - Religions of the World


Total (15 units)