Religious Studies General Education Courses (GE)

(formerly Comparative Religion - CPRL)

GE C2. Introduction to Humanities

(all catalog years)

RLST 105 Religion & the Quest for Meaning
RLST 110 Religions of the World
RLST 200 Introduction to Christianity
RLST 210 Introduction to Judaism
RLST 250 Introduction to Islam
RLST 270T Introduction to Asian Religions
RLST 280 Introduction to Buddhism 



(all catalog years)

RLST 100 Introduction to the Study of Religion


GE C3. Explorations in Humanities

(For catalog years Fall 2018-Summer 2019, this category is C4).

RLST 305 Anthropology of Religion*

RLST 307 Non-violence, Animal Rights and Diet in Jainism

RLST 312 The Bible as Literature
RLST 341 Hindu Tradition to 400 BCE*
RLST 342 Hindu Tradition from 400 BCE*
RLST 351 History & Development of Early Christian Thought
RLST 352 History & Development of Modern Christian Thought*
RLST 361 History & Development of Jewish Thought: Biblical & Rabbinical*
RLST 362 History   & Development of Jewish Thought: Medieval & Modern*
RLST 367 Religion in Latino/a Life*
RLST 370 New Religous Movements
RLST 371 History & Development of Islamic Thought: Beginning to 1258*
RLST 372 History & Development of Islamic Thought: 1259 to Modern*
RLST 373 Women in Islam*
RLST 374 Issues in Contemporary Islam*
RLST 375 Conceptions of the Afterlife 


GE D3. Explorations in Social Sciences

(For catalog years Summer 2018 and earlier, this category is D5. For catalog years Fall 2018-Summer 2021, this category is D4).

RLST 321 Psychology of Religion*
RLST 325 African-American Religions & Spirituality*
RLST 333 Religion and Sexuality*

RLST 370 New Religious Movements in the USA*
RLST 381 Religion & Politics in the United States


GE E. Lifelong Learning and Self-Development

RLST 306 Contemporary Practices of the World's Religions
RLST 380 Religion and Violence*


*Also fulfills GE Z. Cultural Diversity